Annual Updates in GP Cardiology

March 2020, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Brendan McQuillan (2020) Aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular events. 

Dr Stephen Gordon (2020) When is the best time to take hypertension meds?

Dr Paul Stobie (2020) Long QT syndrome.

Dr Eric Yamen (2020) Management before the specialist appointment.


19 March 2019, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Johan Janssen (2019) Dietary prevention of CVD

Dr Brendan McQuillan (2019) Aspirin, antiplatelets, or other for cardiovascular event prevention

Dr Tim Gattorna (2019) How to interpret Holter monitor reports

Dr Chris Finn (2019) Tips and rules for NOACs in general practice

Dr Paul Stobie (2019) Latest devices: Atrial fibrillation

Dr Stephen Gordon (2019) General practice update


20 March 2018, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Stephen Gordon (2018) State of the art management of hypertension in general practice

Dr Eric Yamen (2018) Management of the systolic murmur

Dr Paul Stobie (2018) Who should we ablate for atrial fibrillation?


21 March 2017, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Chris Finn (2017) Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Dr Tim Gattorna (2017) 10 tips for better management of arrhythmias in general practice

Dr Stephen Gordon (2017) Update on NOACS

Dr Johan Janssen (2017) Changing diets, saving lives


6 September 2016, St John of God Midland

Dr Michelle Ammerer (2016) New Australian hypertension guidelines: What they mean and how to implement

Dr Kalilur Anvardeen (2016) The smart use of echo in general practice

Dr Tim Gattorna (2016) The role of general practice in arrhythmia care

Dr Brendan McQuillan (2016) Heart failure: Assessment and management


22 March 2016, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Tim Gattorna (2016) Dealing with difficult hypertension

Dr Steve Gordon (2016) Dealing with difficult lipids in general practice

Dr Brendan McQuillan (2016) Are statins bad for you?

Dr  Paul Stobie (2016) Exercise and the heart: The good, the bad (and the ugly)


24 March 2015, St John of God Subiaco

Dr Michelle Ammerer (2015) Managing cardiac emergencies in general practice

Dr Steve Gordon (2015) Using coronary calcium scoring for risk assessment

Dr Johan Janssen (2015) Preventing heart attacks: Primary prevention in general practice


27 May 2014, Notre Dame University, Fremantle

Dr Chris Finn (2014) Cholesterol and statins – do the latest US guidelines help? 

Dr Eric Yamen (2014) Update in AF – Focus on how to use new oral anticoagulants