In-patients: Accounts for hospital procedures will be forwarded to your health fund directly. Uninsured patients are asked to discuss payment arrangements with accounts staff prior to procedures being performed.

Out-patients: Payment is required at the time of the appointment. The follow fee structure applies:

Fee Medicare Refund
Echocardiography $456.10 $196.10
Exercise test $287.00 $129.35
Holter monitor $297.25 $142.35
KOH monitor $155.00 (per app.) $44.15
ECG and report $76.90 $26.60
BP 24 hour ambulatory monitor $107.60 Nil
Stress echo $750.00 $351.80
HeartRisk scan $300.00 Nil


Reduced rates are available upon presentation of a valid pension or Centrelink health care card (not Commonwealth Seniors Health Card). Please contact our accounts office on (08) 9346 9316 or for further information.