Patients are usually seen on referral from general practitioners and specialist physicians. To claim a Medicare rebate from the government you need to be both eligible for Medicare and have a current referral. Referrals from general practitioners are valid for 12 months. Referrals from a specialist are only valid for 3 months. Please make sure that you have a current referral so you are eligible to claim your rebate from Medicare. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete patient information documents.

Patients are requested to bring the following to all appointments:

  • Doctor’s referral.
  • Current Medicare card.
  • Private health insurance fund name & member number.
  • Age pension or Centrelink health care card (if applicable).
  • DVA card (if applicable).
  • Any recent test results you have available.
  • Any recent hospital discharge statements, if applicable.
  • A list of ALL of your medications including dosage and times you take the medication. Alternatively bring in all your tablets in the original bottles/packaging.
  • Patient information sheet (for first appointments only – available below or in our offices).

Click here to download Patient Information Sheet (PDF file)

Do I need a referral?

You need a referral for all testing and consultations performed at Western Cardiology, with the exception of the HeartRisk scan (coronary calcium scan), which may be performed without one.

How long does my referral last?

If your referral is from a specialist doctor it will last 3 months. If your referral is from a GP it will generally last 12 months. Please note that if your referring doctor leaves the practice, you will need a new referral.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a current referral. Please contact Western Cardiology on (08) 9346 9300 prior to your appointment if you are unsure whether your referral is current.

Do you bulk bill?

Western Cardiology is a private medical practice and we do not offer a bulk billing service. Holders of valid pension or health care cards (Commonwealth Seniors Health Card excluded) are able to access pension rates. Please contact the accounts department on (08) 9346 9316 or for further information.